Driving to Work Down 16% East of Dunsmuir

Driving to work by Vancouver residents east living of Dunsmuir is down by 16% since 2006! According to the 2011 Census results, the number of people driving to work in the area bounded by Main, 1st Avenue, Boundary and Burrard inlet went from 13,915 to 11,685, an decrease of 2,230. The driving mode share dropped from 57% to 48.7%. For comparison, overall in the City of Vancouver, commuting by driving fell from 51% to 48%.

While the total number of commuters decreased by 435, as detailed in Cycling to Work East of Dunsmuir Up 40%, a significant portion of this decrease in driving is likely due to 530 more people cycling to work.

This decrease in driving reduces congestion and improves the safety of everybody walking, driving and cycling around the City. Yet another example of the Vancouver’s polices of encouraging cycling, walking and public transit improving the quality of life in the city. More evidence supporting faster implementation of all ages cycling improvements and the removal of the Viaducts.

Thanks to Chad Skelton of the Vancouver Sun for the great maps of the Census results. Interesting to poke around:

5 thoughts on “Driving to Work Down 16% East of Dunsmuir

  1. Hi Richard:

    Thanks as usual for lively analysis, with a factual basis.

    Is there a number typo in the first Para?

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